About BarTV

Bar TV offers a dynamic, interactive entertainment medium tailored to hotels and clubs.

Bar TV broadcasts information and entertainment to each venue via high speed internet and our custom built computers that are connected to the venue’s TV system, providing direct connection 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  The Bar TV platform includes the live streaming and broadcasting of local sports, our trivia game "PubTriv", and any advertising and social media you would like displayed. Replays of our recorded sports events are available on demand.  BarTV is currently operating in over forty venues in the Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast regions.

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About Puibtr1v

PubTriv is the interactive component of BarTV that allows patrons to enter our quiz competitions via sms. 

With plenty of great prizes, PubTriv allows players to not only compete with other people in their venue, but with participants from other pubs and clubs around the country. 

About BarTV Sports

Broadcasting local sport into local venues.

Our first year has seen great success filming and broadcasting a variety of local sport including rugby league, rugby union, soccer, ice hockey, basketball and T20 cricket.